Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's Going ON!? Ghosts, Football, Free 311 Show,...wait did I say G-g-g-ghosts!?

September 16th...last post was in bad.
Been super busy with Student Council and Grad School and Life.

So what's new?

Having a new baby in March...gender unspecified as of yet. Looking forward to spending a few days in the hospital watching basketball with wife and baby.

Moonrise Kingdom is the best movie of the summer. If you haven't seen it yet? Do so, it's gonna win awards this year and it is freaking hilarious.

Football season started...I got a new TV to enjoy it on. Tis beautiful. Digging the plasma.

I didn't have enough $ to go to 311 this summer so I tweeted at the band to wish them a good reply the Bass Player said, "Dude I can't get you in." I was given 3 tickets on the 311 guest list...8th row just off was probably the best show I've been to for them. So tight. 

Found an old record player in my classroom, started stock piling records for "Vinyl Fridays" with my classes. A couple of seniors brought me the Beatles' "Abbey Road" and "Rubber Soul." They are incredible. Student council has been very stressful. Probably more stressful than I was expecting, but we're trying to turn the school's pride up.


The other day was ridiculously frightening. So I had to get some stuff from the basement for student council. The basement is located beneath the Pleasant Grove High School Stage which appears on Utah's list of haunted places.  The room is full of props from plays which makes the room super creepy. I'd just finished teaching my students about ghost stories and what not the 2 days previous and had been mocking the idea of the school being haunted. While down in the basement getting props I mocked the ghost...oops. As we exited the room and started walking up the stairs I turned the light off so that the room behind me was now dark. A student said, "Mr. Reeves don't it's scary." I replied, "don't worry about it we're fine." Moments later something LOUD crashed against the wall in the room only a few feet behind me. I'm never one to have believed in stories like this, but it happened. I can only assume that something hit the wall where all of the prop swords hang. It was a very LOUD and HARD crash. We freaked, we ran...and when two students went back down to check what it was....nothing was out of place. So...yeah I'm never going down there again.

That's about all that's going on. Life is good, hope it is for you too- JR

P.S. Avengers Vs X-men has been the best series ever. I highly recommend picking this up when it comes out in trade paper back. Just finished issue #11 and 3 words.......Cyclops....Kills....Xavier.