Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughts and goings on

So I've noticed that this blog sucks mightily. Or at least it has severely plummeted from where it began. So sorry, I've had a busy year.

This week has brought streses and blesses and ughs.

So do I give you a humurous observation about the whole thing?

Or do I rant and rave about my issues.

The answer, I believe, is to just make lite of life so that one doesn't become too mired in the UGGGGG.

What to laugh at...what to laugh at...


Punishments, and Rewards.

Do you ever reward yourself with a punishment? Does that work? Is it possible? I mean how can a reward punish you? If I buy a tv then I've blessed myself with a tv. No's all good.

So as I sit at my night job (which pushed back my presentation/lesson on Psycho to March instead of tomorrow) and think about my lame week, I need to justify a "cheer me up" purchase.

I always try to rationalize purchases. "I deserve this DVD because I...totally helped that kid ace his test" "I deserve Olive Garden because I've worked extra hours this week"

So tonight I'm going to rationalize my reward of punishment because my week SUCKED and I deserve something that will put a smile on my face (or at least for a while).

It's a stupid way to rationalize a purchase. I certainly haven't accomplished anything out of the ordinary this week. Sure I've worked some long hours, received compliments from parents of students at Parent Teacher Conference, and I cheered the Jazz and Aggies to victory, but that's all.

Point is, on the way home tonight...I'm stopping at Taco Bell. Charles Barkley has a new commercial where he shows off the $5 box of stuff that just looks grand.
1- Large Drink
2- Cinnamon Crisps
3- Taco
4- Burrito Supreme
5- Cheesy Gordita Crunch

The only thing it doesn't come with is Pepto Bismol (or the equally delicious cheap knock off: Pink Bysmuth)

So I'll feel rewarded for an hour tonight as I eat and digest my Bell-y goodness.

Tomorrow however.....KABOOOOOOOOM! My insides are crying out to me, "Why!!!! Why did you do this to us! If you wanted to spend $5 to hurt us why didn't you just go to Lowes and purchase five bucks worth of carpentry nails to swallow!"

I always regret eating at Taco Bell the next day, but it's great while it's going down. Why do I go back then? Cause i'm an optimist who tries to forget the bad things and only think back positively at the good memories.

Viva la life- out- JR