Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life Lessons

So I asked my students today and yesterday: What is one life lesson you've learned this year so far?

I got some interesting answers...

"Don't procrastinate" (most popular answer)

"I learned not to date a guy, and then date his best friend"
(common sense...)

"I learned that "max" in the front row can talk to ANY girl in the school except for "Jane Doe" (Student in front row goes beet red).

"I learned that it's a bad idea to put a rat in the microwave"... ...

Ok so on that last one we needed to hear the story. I first said, "you threw the microwave away right?"
"No, it was my friend's house, he just didn't tell his parents..."

NASTY! So here goes his story:

"My neighbors raise snakes and they feed them rats. We wanted to save one of the rats so they let us take it. We got bored, put it in the microwave and hit start. Suddenly the doorbell rang and we left the rat for a second. After the door gig was through we went to watch t.v. (we'd forgotten about the rat) and then we heard a "DING!" We ran back into the kitchen. Its tail had burnt off but it was still alive. It has a big growth on its face now."

Wow...Despite all my rage I am still just a rat set on high for 10 minutes?

Not sure how it lived, must have been an old ghetto microwave. I guess the point is, I'd rather die by snake than live by microwave. Am I right? Or am I right?