Monday, May 3, 2010

A Taco Bell Poem

I'm trying to get my students into this whole "Poetry of the Moment" thing. There are some moments that are just beautiful in their simplicity. And so, I now give you an original poem: 7 Layers...

Monday Night...
I've been working since 7:15 A.M. and I've been
On crackers, candies, and chips
But now work is over, and it's time to get serious...cause I'm hungry
I skip my exit, and drive farther than I should
My window cracks open and I home town on a Summer's eve
Our town smells like
And yet,
It is sweet in the spring and early summer.
I pull into the drive through, to the glowing menu that welcomes me with a
"Welcome to Taco Bell, how are you tonight?"
How am I tonight? I'm good, and so I reply, "I'm fabulous"
"And you?"
The static replies that they are also doing well and they thank me for my courtesy.
It's not hard to be courteous to a static box
A real person is a lot harder to talk to.
The voice asks what they can get for me
And I...
I must first ask them an important question upon which the rest of my evening hinges.
"Your rice" I ask, "Is it fresh? Or is it old...and small twigs"
They check...I await patiently
"It is fresh and smooth as Vanilla ice cream in a park in mid-August" Comes the reply.
My mind is at ease...
"Excellent" says I, "then I shall order a 7 layer burrito."
The order continues with various tacos, burritos, and whatever else they're currently promoting.
Tacos may make up the meal, but the 7-Layer Burrito MAKES the meal.
I drive home quickly
Disregarding stop signs and rushing uncharacteristically through long glowing yellow lights which turn red as I speed through.
I rush through the door and kiss my sweet wife
I toss my bag of beans and tortillas on the footrest in front of the couch and I dig in.
I start with a soft taco to tantalize my pallete...
I add mild sauce, and I inhale it.
Next up is the 7-layer bounty that this whole trip was about.
My day hinges on the delicious creation that lies within the wrapper.
I've never had the same 7-layer burrito twice...they ALL taste different
And this excites me.
I unwrap the burrito and hold it in my hands...
Gently bouncing it like a new born babe who needs consoling.
I feel the burrito...and I locate the part of the tortilla that is...coldest.
This is where they deposited the Sour Cream
THIS is where they deposited the Guacamole!
I start there...the first bite is cold, and delicious.
The vein of sour cream is found throughout the folded Mexican food perfection.
No more than 2 minutes after I've started, and the burrito is no more.
It is a part of me now...
As I am a part of it.
I dread the next day's stomache and digestion issues that will inevitably destroy me...
for the moment...
I am happy
7- Layers can heal the world