Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogging in the spaces inbetween

Hi all,

Remember when I used to blog a lot? Yeah them good old "pre-grad school" days. I had a life back then :) I'm doing my best to hop in and say hello right now. Ashley and I went to the Pumpkins concert in Vegas last weekend. It was an awesome show. I've now seen them 5 times, and Zwan (Billy's other band) once. The setlist was a mix between early stuff and brand new songs. Best part was that after the show, instead of looking all over the Internet for expensive crappy bootlegs, I just purchased a USB drive with the whole concert uploaded on it. THAT is technology folks.

My trip to Vegas was an eye opener. This was the first time I've really BEEN to Vegas. Last time I stayed off the strip and went to a Football game, before that I was with my family so I didn't get to experience the ummm "stuff."

Frankly I'm appalled at the world. Humanity is just plain weird and vile. I'm walking hand in hand with my wife down the strip and countless trolls keep trying to hand me flyers with naked chicks on them. I've got a wife guys...does it look like I need prostitutes or strippers? NOPE! It's sad how many people probably take advantage of those ads. It's sad to think that those are people's daughters. In order to get to our room in the Planet Hollywood Hotel, we had to walk through, "the Pleasure Pit." This consisted of a bunch of card tables with scantily clad girls dancing by them while you gambled. Really? I mean I had to sit back and laugh. What is up with people?

We went to a club where my wife wanted to meet a D list celebrity from one of those Bachelor shows. It was her Birthday. Well we got in there and there were all sorts of scantily clad girls whipping each other and pole dancing...ummm...bad club. We stayed for ten minutes and bolted. I got to watch the ground a lot.

I also got to see how humans meet and court now adays. Wow...clubbing has got to be the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Group of girls shows up, drinks in hand, and then groups of guys show up, drinks in hand, they all get sloshed and start grinding on each other like baboons. It was all very "primal." I was surprised that the males didn't compete for the females by throwing feces at each other. Is that really how people meet now? I go, I drink, I grind, I wake up next to her, and then I move on to the next female? Check yourselves guys...this belonged on National Geographic. Kind of fun to witness though. With the loud club music people try to posture themselves as being total bad asses when in fact they look ridiculous and embarrassing to the human race.

Well that's my rant for the day. I try to steer clear of politics on here, but one last note: The other night I went to use the restroom at my work, and it was "Occupied." It was lame. I get that you want to Occupy Wall Street, but leave my restroom be, I really gotta go!