Monday, December 12, 2011

Tebow: MVP...and a refreshing addition to the sports world

Hello everyone. Grad classes are done!....for at least 3 weeks. So here I am...rock you like a hurricane.

Tonight I want to talk about an underdog that nobody gave a chance to. A guy that 95% of the media shot down. That's right...Tim Tebow

Since becoming a starter for the Denver Broncos, (That's right, the awful Broncos who were nowhere near the play offs last year) he has led them to a 7-1 record...and they've now taken 1st place in their AFC division and of off bound.

What impresses me about this guy is the way in which he conducts himself. Let's get one thing straight here, I hate the Broncos (though now that may become past tense) I hate Florida (Where he came from) and I hate...I  hate...I HATE PETER PAN!...wait that last part was channeling the movie "Hook," sorry.

Anyways, this guy has won me over.

What do I like about him? Well I like that he wears his religion on his sleeve. There are many people that are over his "I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" comments after EVERY game. They don't like his shooting his pointer finger to the sky after he scores either. "He's rubbing religion in my face" is the complaint most commonly heard.

Well considering how much "anti-religion" and "pro-sin" messages we get over and over and over again from entertainers and such, I'd say this is refreshing. Maybe people don't like it cause they don't want to be reminded (on Sundays of all days) that some people find importance in religion.

It's hilarious how a guy who touts Christianity has so many "miracle" come backs. To some it's inexplicable, to me though I get it.

No, God isn't winning games for the Denver Broncos. (God is a Lions fan actually...little known fact). What's happening here, is that Tim Tebow has a positive countenance about him. The guy is beaming with energy and positivity.

He is a natural leader and has found the "WILL TO WIN." He literally found it somewhere. Some teams win cause they're good. He's playing for a team that started the year 1-4 or they are play off bound?

I'm not of the same faith as the guy, but I am a Christian, and I appreciate someone who without flinching or looking sheepish can step up to the Mic and thank Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior. He doesn't hesitate to then thank his defense for stripping the ball from Marion Barber in OT....

I hope he continues to win and I hope that people take notice in the way he conducts himself. There's a huge disparity between the scene on Saturday when Cincinnati and Xavier beat the snot out of each other and were just "being gangsta" after their game....and when the Broncos beat the Jets on a Thursday night and Tebow knelt in a circle of players from BOTH teams...holding hands...and praying for thanks that they were able to compete and have fun.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Call of Doody

Does anyone else find it funny that the most popular video game is called, "Call of Doody?" How great was it when they came out with "Call of Doody 2" hahahaha! What's even better is when you start giving them subtitles like, "Call of Doody: Modern Warfare." That sounds like some killer doody. My students walk in with blood shot eyes...dragging their feet...and their excuse? "Up late with Call of Doody." I'm like, "Daaaaaang that must have been some wicked Taco Bell to destroy your body like that." Oh and what about, "Call of Doody: Black Ops?" Sounds like they've got waaaaay too much fiber in that diet. hahahaha.

My name is Justin Reeves,

I have 2 kids

I have 2 Jobs

I have 2 Graduate Classes

and I haven't blogged in a long time.
Tonight I'm dropping by to tell you that "Doody" is hilarious- JR