Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dark Knight Tragedy...Bale a Hero

Grad school has kept me so busy that this is only like my 2nd or 3rd post this summer. Probably for the best. I just had to take a minute to share some thoughts on the shootings in Colorado. I'm a midnight movie guy. By my count I've seen I believe 5 midnight movies this year (The Grey, John Carter, Avengers, Prometheus, Spiderman)....yep 5. I awoke on the morning of the 21st ready to go see the early showing of Batman at 9:00....but of course first I read the news and saw the videos and got a really sick feeling in my stomach. This whack job piece of $#it decided to ruin the lives of countless people by shooting up a theater for NO GOOD REASON. Really it's sad. This guy's mental state had to be completely gone to do something like this. People will blame the media, guns, left wing, right wing, whatever, but what it comes down to is that someone made a decision that affected the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people. There is no bright side to this story...until tonight.
I just saw on the news...and I am admittedly tearing up as I type this...that Christian Bale...the actor who has portrayed the Dark Knight in this highly successful trilogy...showed up in Aurora Colorado to visit some of the victims of this terrible event. What's most impressive about this is that he did so on his own accord...his own dime. He did not represent Warner Brothers Studios...he's just that kind of a guy. I know Christian Bale got into some hot water a few years back for some yelling on a set or something, but you know what? Slate is clean. I just needed to take the time to write out my respect and gratitude to a guy who went out of his way to help some people in need. I think we all need a bit more of that in our lives. For that I thank you Mr. Bale. "So shines a good deed...in a dreary world"- Wonka